The start of the journey

“I don’t know where I going, but I’m on my way” – Carl Sagan

Hello lovely’s

This is my very first time uploading a blog, I’ve wanted to make one for over a year now, but I never got around to making one until my best friend (Lets call her Jenna) asked me to read her blog and it inspired me to make one, so here goes nothing.  Although there is a saying that goes “Thinking here goes nothing could be the start of everything”.

I hope you have all had an amazing day, as every single one of you deserve the best, and only the best.  The weather has been miserable the past few days, so fingers crossed that it will begin to clear up (Such a British thing to talk about I know I’m sorry!)

I’ve been having my year 10 mocks recently so for once in my life I’ve actually cracked on with revision, so I’m super proud of myself for trying! Only have one more maths exam, history and science left until the November mocks. I wish everyone who is doing their GCSEs/mocks at the moment. the very best, I know you’ll all do brilliantly, have a little faith 🙂

Thank you for reading the beginning of this journey, I hope to see you again!

Much love Faith







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